About Us

EmpresS Perfume is the next evolution in how people express themselves through scent. By allowing customers to be directly involved in making their own custom perfume, It will be a unique and fun way to design perfume. It Direct sells branded, discounted perfumes, cosmetics and body lotion products. Our success is due to our ability to offer products at great prices, whilst still concentrating on a high level of service. Involved in direct sales since 1965.  We are able to offer highly competitive prices.

  Mission & Vision


We aim to produce the best perfumes and fragrances and perfumes the east and west to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers all over the world through the production of perfumes clean and attractive with best quality and best price.

  Research & Development


As fragrances' designers and creators, we focus our research and development activities on every type of product category including perfumes, cosmetics and bodylotion applications etc. Using the knowledge gained from the consumer insights process, we strategically focus our resources to formulate the two main components of a flavor or fragrance: innovative materials (taste and scent building blocks), and delivery systems (taste and scent releases).

  Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance is an essential part of our business.

Our quality control department has established a protocol of testing based on over 30 years of activity. This includes the calculation of the refractive index, the specific gravity & color and a unique olfactive control performed by skilled perfumers only. Our team of professionals will meet and exceed your standards of quality.



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